Saturday, March 30, 2024

Resurrecting Beauty

Besides the comics, I read the Letters to the Editor and Dear Abby every day.  These three ground me more in reality than "All the News That's Fit to Print."  The two letter-formats (Editor and Abby) help me to understand local concerns from one person's perspective and personal issues that people are encountering.  And the comics bring humor into my morning!

I find it difficult sometimes to absorb humanity and all of our struggles: the inability to forgive; the need for vengeance; and the desire to dominate others economically, culturally, and ideologically.

Sometimes I just don't understand...

How do you display your Inner Beauty?
(Photo - Amaryllis - Larry Gardepie)

Maybe that's why I retreat into gardening:

  • Planting and waiting.
  • Pruning and new growth.
  • Enjoying hard work and harvesting.

It's the simple acts that ground us in harmony and healing.

What is your role in Pollinating Goodness?
(Photo: Orange Blossoms and a
Honeybee - Larry Gardepie)

Is it any wonder that Spring and the Holy Days of Passover and Easter often coincide?  There are important lessons for us to learn:
  • Moving from the darkness and cold of Winter to the light and warmth of Spring.
  • Being liberated from slavery and passing over destruction.
  • Opening ourselves to a resurrected life and a Beauty Unknown.
It's our ability to co-create and bring life into this world that haunts us when we don't.

Where do you find your Resurrected Beauty?
(Photo: Calla Lilies - Larry Gardepie)

The challenges we face with Spring, Passover, and Easter is in our faith: our faith in nature, humanity, and our Creator.  That is:
  • Even in the depths of Winter, we wait for Spring.
  • Even in moments of human despair, we hope for deliverance.
  • Even in painful and deadly Fridays, we believe in the Sunday After.

Maybe when faced with unforgiveness, revenge, and oppression, we are invited to resurrect the beauty that is hidden in the soil of our lives... planting the seeds of forgiveness and goodness

Welcome Spring!  Happy Pesach!  Blessed Easter!

Larry Gardepie

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  1. You wrap your mind and heart around gifts of earth’s soil and the soul within our humanity with words and visuals giving risen life breath for each new day. ✝️